Branding, Logo Design, Print:

Bonding Tapes

Bonding Tapes

Here are some samples of branding and print designs from the past couple of years. Branding (logo design) is an important part of a business’ success. A logo is an identity of your business, services, and products that people see and associate with you and your business. Many companies have logos that are memorable and recognizable (Target, McDonalds, Toyota, Apple, etc.).

I can help you make your business memorable and recognizable by providing top quality logos. I can work with you and your ideas, or you can give me the liberty of the branding for your business. I also provide graphic design, stationery, packaging design, brochures, flyers, banners, web, for all business and any occasion.

CD, Vinyl, Cassette, and Digital Graphic Design:

Zander One - Z1MX13

Zander One – Z1MX13

A lot of the work I’ve done in the past couple of years is music related but I am definitely not limited to CD or Vinyl design. It is safe to say that, growing up in the time when artwork meant just as much as the music, I still feel that art is a very important part of the music industry.

Many people discover certain artists by catching a glimpse of their design, be it on a poster displayed on the streets of New York, Los Angeles or any other city, big or small; in the pages of a magazine; or on the internet. It gains their interest in seeking out that artist. Then there are the few who not only follow the musician, but also see who the designers are in the liner notes.

Leftm Graphic is and will continue to be on many liner notes on music media you purchase in the future. So when you purchase physical media, you are not only supporting the musicians, but also the artists that come up with imagery that accompanies the music.

Web Design

Bonding Tapes Place Holder Site

Bonding Tapes Place Holder Site

Leftm Graphics has started offering Web Design services. Just like my Graphic Design Services, I can make your site eye-catching and functional. With the present day technologies and lifestyles, a web site is the most important tool for any business, large or small, to have. We can also design sites for other purposes like music, film, art, sports, etc.

Leftm Graphics is limitless and can meet your requirements. I look forward to your business and a lasting professional relationship.

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